KEEP your new year's resolutions this year, and finally HAVE what you desire! 

How to make change easy so you can have what you desire in 2018.

This amazing Mind Body Coaching program uses both Quantum Energy Transformation™ and MindFlavors™ advanced brain-boosting technology to assist you in MAKING CHANGE EASY!

What would you like to have?  What do you truly desire?

Whatever it is, it requires doing something different.  Something you haven’t done before.  This means making a change. And without the advanced techniques and technologies inside this program, change can be very hard for most people.

If you change nothing, nothing will change.
Think of all the new year’s resolutions you’ve made yet never kept. Think of the let down and disappointment. Think of the one thing you would love to do more than anything else in the world. What stops you? What’s the cost of waiting even one more day?
If you desire something you’ve never had then you’ve got to do something you’ve never done. You’ve got to be someone you’ve never been.
What if change could be easy?  Who would you be? What would you do?

Join Amy on a 5-week journey and discover this for yourself!

If you are tired of waiting for what you desire, if you are ready for a wonderful change in your life, if you would like to feel better, lighter, happier and evolve yourself at quantum speeds, then this program is for you and it will exceed your expectations. You’ll be amazed at what is possible for you when you tap into your true power!

 Includes 5 private (1 hour) transformational healing sessions with Amy! 

Session 1 - Identify the truth of what you really desire. Get clear.

      Clarify exactly what you desire and create a clear vision for your ultimate success

      Uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your ability to make changes
      Experience how you can instantly gain confidence and momentum in your life
      Learn the fastest and easiest way to release stress in minutes and feel good again
      Feel renewed, empowered and ready to finally achieve the change you seek now

Session 2 - Remove any blocks keeping you from making a change.

      Experience a special process of tuning into your body and feel what’s holding you back

      Easily, quickly and permanently release what’s stuck and balance your energy system
      Discover how instant healing and powerful transformation is possible for you
      Learn how to transmute your negative feelings into happiness, joy and bliss
      Feel lighter and free as you embody uplifting thoughts and emotional well-being

Session 3 - Tune in to your Inner Guidance.

      Learn how to live connected to your Self so you naturally receive inner guidance

      Know what to do and automatically know what’s best for you at all times
      Experience an inner deep hypnotic journey to see who you are capable of being
      Understand how you can make change easy and have what you desire this year
      Feel peaceful, supported, joyful and amazed about all the possibilities for you

Session 4 - Create what you desire inside your imagination.

      Learn how to imaginate: the art of having what you desire in any area of your life

      Enjoy a hypnotic journey inside your imagination where you can experience your desire
      Make it clear so you can feel how it feels until it becomes real for you, so you believe it
      Discover how to use your mind in a powerful way that serves you moving forward
      Feel inspired, invigorated, in alignment with your desire and fully open to receive

Session 5 - Choose new empowering habits.

      Guided inner journey to see and experience the patterns in your life, your habits
      Release old distracting habits holding you back so you are free to move forward
      Choose a new way of being that keeps you on track with where you desire to go
      Learn how to naturally have more energy and be more productive and fulfilled each day
      Feel powerful and ready to take charge of your life so you can have what you desire

    ✦   Learn more about Amy Huentelman towards the end of this page.

 Bonus 1    MindFlavors® 2.0 Making Change Easy (videos)

Revolutionary brain-activating videos for making change easy.

      Amazing 4 minute brainpower expansion technology
      Creates new neural pathways in your brain in minutes
      Produces remarkable results quickly
      Powerful brainwave entrainment integration
      Creates an organized mind where success happens

Imagine feeling wonderful taking inspired action and making change easy.  These are the new neural pathways created in your brain when you watch these videos.

(Value $97.00)

 Bonus 2    Personalized Dream Meditation (mp3 audio)

Custom audio allows you to see and experience your desires daily.    

      You'll be guided into a relaxed and receptive state
      Tapping into your imagination, your power to create
     Seeing and experiencing your desires already completely fulfilled
     You start feeling it is possible and with repetition you believe it
      These are your desires . . .  your dreams you are creating

This is extremely powerful and is custom-made exclusively for you with your name & your dreams so you can naturally harmonize with the fulfillment of your desires.

(Value $397.00)

 Bonus 3    I Believe In You Meditation (mp3 audio)

This unique morning meditation is calming, healing and rejuvenating.

      It’s only 5 minutes and 52 seconds yet extremely powerful
     Quickly and deeply relax your mind and body
     See and feel your personal power
     Remember the truth of who you are . . .  Amazing!
     Feel mentally clear, emotionally peaceful and physically strong

You'll have an amazing day, joyously taking inspired action in the direction of your dreams. You can do it.  You are a brilliant being.  It’s time to believe in you!

(Value $47.00)

 Bonus 4    The Mindset Magic™ (life-changing eBook)

The most powerful technique to create overnight change!

      Simple step-by-step method to easily activate your inner power
      You can do it in less than 5 minutes a day
      Re-program your subconscious mind for success in any area of your life
      Learn how to program your mind to attract virtually anything you desire
      It seems a bit like MAGIC . . .  and it starts literally overnight!
You'll forever see the world in a new and exciting way knowing that you can live a life of your own design.  You are now the Director of your life.  Have fun!

(Value $47.00)

Special Price for a limited time!
Includes 5 private healing sessions with Amy.

(value $1,500.00 plus $588.00 in bonuses)

 Total Value $2,088.00 

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Act now!  Special offer ends soon.

NOTE:  Amy works with an international clientele.
She can work with you wherever you live.

Sessions are by phone or Skype

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Amy Huentelman, CHt, QET

About Amy Huentelman

Amy Huentelman is the creator of Live Alive™ and Live Alive Healing™.  She is also the creator and host of the invigorating online "Soul Awakening Party".

Through years of research and success with her clients, Amy has developed her own unique and very effective approach to mind body coaching and healing. 

Her advanced technique combines guided meditation, powerful connected breathing, imaginating, and hypnotherapy, and integrates them seamlessly into a pleasant transformational experience.

Amy is certified in many healing modalities including: Hypnotherapy, Age Clearing™, Reiki, Pranic Healing, Emotional Freedom Technique, Theta Healing, and Quantum Energy Transformation™.

She is an expert at teaching how to release resistance, raise your vibration and receive inspiration. This way you can feel good, be happy and have all your heart desires. 

"It really is this simple..." she says, "and this powerful!"

If you are ready to work with Amy and would like to speak with her first, Click Here and fill out the form to schedule a FREE introductory session.  This way you can be certain that this program is right for you now.

 Testimonials:    Hear what others are saying about Amy's work.

"Wanted to share here what a beautiful, wise, and excellent healer Amy is! I had the pleasure of a session with her the other day and Amy’s expertise has shifted some really deep things inside of me and I launched a business plan that has been stagnant for YEARS due to the stuff that was released in that session. Thank you, Amy!!!

She is a master at hypnosis, but this is not ordinary hypnosis. Along with the gift of the most deep relaxation and ease, Amy brings an incredible level of spiritual mastery and is able to weave the miracle of awakening to one's full magnificence and life purpose. She then takes it another step further and assists in grounding and reinforcing this self expressed knowing, so that it is not forgotten. I felt very safe in Amy's hands, nurtured by her honey voice, and truly seen at a soul level. I highly recommend her services to anyone wanting to experience gentle yet effective revelations that uplift, support, and joyfully launch them into full self expression and celebration of life purpose.

Thank you so much for the gorgeous sacred healing work that you do! Your depth and wisdom, unconditional love and patience reflect your soul’s immense gift to us, and I am so grateful for the opportunity to receive deep healing with you."

Oceana LeBlanc

"Amy’s work is revolutionary! Through her brilliant healing, I deeply realized the truth of who I am that I already have the wealth, health, and love I desire. The cellular breathwork activates what’s already there! I broke through a ceiling, and I feel free and supported.

A few days after our session, I experienced profound gratitude, an abundant overflow of love that moved me to tears. I felt my heart open wide, and all limiting thoughts dissolved into this gratitude. I never felt so connected.

Now, I embrace my whole life. I know everything has its place to help me emerge into greater potential which is congruent to spiritual laws of wholeness. The best part... a dream client fell into my lap. We are already enough!"

Rhina Ju

"The first and most immediate result I experienced from the healing session with Amy was total relaxation and the disappearance of the headache I had going into the session. Later that night I experienced more physical energy and endurance than I have in a long time; I felt like a real power-house!

In addition to the great benefits I just mentioned, I believe the most profound effect I noticed going into the next day was that my mind was so free of nagging thinking, that I almost didn’t know what to do with myself. I had a new freedom from negative or worrisome thought on an issue I’ve been trying to work out. Finally, I just used that extra energy to create the needed strategy I’d been seeking."

Kenny Brandon

"Going into the healing session with Amy, I was focused on the resolve of an important issue that would affect my home and business. I could feel an underlying aggravated energy running through me as I focused on figuring out what I needed to do with what was in front of me. At the conclusion of the session my body and mind felt free, peaceful and relaxed. I immediately felt open to a new perspective as I re-approached the same issue I’d been facing.

By the next day, my entire situation had completely changed in that I was able to look at it in a completely new way and in doing so, all was actually resolved and I completely changed my course to better serve my dual purposes – what a blessing!

I also want to mention that my lungs felt noticeably better in function; I’m so happy for that as well."

Wendy Kay

"I was fortunate enough to partake in an incredible healing session with Amy this past week. The decision to do this session was based on the fact that I was feeling stagnant and unfulfilled in my current life. I was looking for something or some way to clear mental blockage and revive my motivation, in both my career life and personal life. I had never experienced a live session with Amy, and initially I was a bit anxious, but knew the results would be incredible, I was right.

Amy was absolutely wonderful. She took the time from the beginning to explain the entire process and what I could come to expect. I felt calm and relaxed the entire session, and immediately began to reap the benefits. I could feel the negative energy I was holding onto literally flow out of my body with each exhale. Concentrating on each Chakra was extremely beneficial in discovering where I was holding the most tension and resistance. 

I was then taken on a journey through meditation. It was one of the most relaxing and clearing experiences of my life. Amy has a special gift in that her voice immediately puts you at ease. It is extremely easy to get lost in her words and truly dive in to what she is saying, without being distracted by your conscious mind, which was always an issue of mine. The entire meditation took me out of my physical body, and allowed me to truly be in my real self. It was an incredible journey that can really only be experienced. I could already feel myself functioning on a higher frequency.

After the session, I felt rejuvenated and energized, and have stayed that way ever since. I had an important meeting the following day which went better than I ever could have expected, thanks to the newfound love and awareness I had. Additionally, my mood has improved and it continues to benefit my everyday life, as I am now harboring positivity, and no longer holding onto negative energy.

I would highly recommend Amy's healing sessions to everyone. Operating on this higher frequency has done nothing but improve my everyday life, and I expect it to continue. I feel confident and excited about new challenges, as I feel I am finally able to present my real self. I look forward to many more sessions with Amy, as she has truly helped me in ways I could never imagine."

Peace and Love,
Melanie Jess

"I had the pleasure in participating in an exhilarating healing session with Amy recently. My motivation to participate in this “soul healing” experience came from feeling as if my head wasn’t “in the game” and I needed a clearer mind to get through everyday challenges.

Needless to say, that is exactly what the result was! I have never experienced anything so cleansing for my mind and soul. It cleared out any negative energy I had and when finished I was left feeling relaxed, energized, clean, and clear-headed. 

Amy has an amazing talent to guide you through a meditation process in which her voice, words, and energy flow through your mind and body to put you at ease and cradle your inner being. Her voice will put you in a wonderful trance of peace, love and tranquility.

To this day, I remain positive and confident in all aspects of my everyday life thanks to her amazing healing session and the mental and spiritual guidance she has provided for me.

I highly recommend this to ANYONE and EVERYONE no matter if you have a negative energy influence in your life or not, for I’m sure that all will feel amazing and have a better quality of life after they participate as I do. Thank you so much Amy for helping me life a better life with a clear mind and soul and I look forward to continuing sessions with you!"

With Regards,
Mark Wainer